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Australian Boutique Premium Wines

Australian Boutique Premium Wines - McLaren Flat - South AustraliaThe Wine Rack Site recently had the pleasure of meeting Bob Harrison at Australian Boutique Premium Wines in McLaren Flat, South Australia.

McLaren Flat is nestled in the Southern Hills of Adelaide, a part of the famous McLaren Vale Wine Region.  This region is located some 35 kilometres South of Adelaide City and is internationally renowned for the wines it produces.   When  the Wine Rack Site did a bit of checking, we found there were almost 100 cellar doors in the McLaren Vale district.  Today we are focusing on one with a few unique characteristics worthy of your consideration……..

Bob and Eileen Harrison at their cellar doorThe first unique character I want to mention is Bob Harrison, joint owner of this establishment and pictured here with his wife and partner, Eileen.  Australian Boutique Premium Wines regularly entertain guests on tours of cellar doors in the region.  The Wine Rack Site recommends you consider the tour run by Des’s Minibus.

The tour takes you to four local wineries that will include your opportunity to meet Bob Harrison and experience a fantastic wine appreciation session with Bob and the range of wines on offer.  The session includes Bob’s entertaining history of his travels around Australia on a wine excursion starting in 1993 and culminating in the creation of this winery.

When the Wine Rack Site had the pleasure of meeting up with Bob, it came away with new knowledge and appreciation of wine tasting in general and a new favourite port.  It also came away with a small collection of purchases from the range available that included that port, Harrison’s truly unique Liqueur Tawny PortBob explained the “Solera” method of blending new and old port to create their current offering.  The base was taken from a 1992 blend and Bob learned the methodology from his Italian mentor and has has been practicing this fine art ever since.  It is the opinion of the Wine Rack Site that Bob is now the true artisan he set out to become.  You can see the barrels he uses in the top picture, right there at the cellar door to demonstrate his process.

A Wine Rack Site Favourite | Harrison's Truly Unique Liqueur Port

In the picture on the left, you will see a sample of the three products the Wine Rack Site bought and you will notice the Liqueur Port is not full.  That is because the Wine Rack Site could not wait long enough to get a photo before the sampling began.  Now this $45 (worth more, really) decanter of port has pride of place and the Wine Rack Site will be taking advantage of Bob’s refill service at the cellar door. 

During the wine appreciation course Bob put on, he provided a sample of several other wines that included Harrison’s Sparkling Moscato and the B & E (Bob and Eileen) McLaren Vale Merlot.  These went back to the Wine Rack Site with the port.

The Wine Rack Site recommends that you make your way to the Australian Boutique Premium Wines cellar door and take advantage of a wonderful wine tasting experience.  Either drive yourself to the family vineyard at 114 Blewitt Springs Road, McLaren Flats or take the tour we mentioned earlier.  While you are there, check out these links below to enhance you Harrison experience:

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