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FLAT Principle

The FLAT Principle

The FLAT Principle is a proprietary wine storage and enhancement system created by the Editor of the Wine Rack Site.

This principle has been created for the benefit of wine lovers everywhere.  This includes wine connoisseurs who are experts like John Baruzzi of Wine Supply Australia through to weekend guzzlers, the FLAT Principle will help you get the most out of your wine.  Do not think for even one minute that proper storage of wine is not only important if you have a collection of chateau Mouton Rothschild Pauillac 1982 on its way to you from your exclusive Manhattan supplier, because your $7.53 bottle of “Guzzler’s Special” can also be ruined in just a few days if you get it wrong.

As you know, at the Wine Rack Site, we are devoted to excellence in all things related to wine and wine storage.  Storing wine well can be simple if you know the basics.  In the FLAT Principle we will show you just the basics, those things you MUST do to get the best out of your wine.  The FLAT Principle does not cover the specialities of storing in perfectly created, climate controlled facilities.  The FLAT Principle is designed to help you get the most out of your wine, stored in your own home in a way that is accessible to everyone.

We will start here by explaining the acronym FLAT in the FLAT principle.  This will help you keep the principles clearly in your mind: Continue reading “FLAT Principle” »

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Why Store Horizontally

  1. Today the Wine Rack Site explores the wisdom of

storing wine laying on its side or standing up.

Counter Display for 30 Bottles
Counter Display for 30 Bottles

The Wine Rack Site says,

“Store your wine horizontally.  Storing your wine laying on its side allows appropriate control of oxygen exchange between the air and your precious wine.”

You may think that the Wine Rack Site, in the business of selling wine racks to allow you to store wine laying on its side, is somewhat biased.  Keep in mind though, that the original designer of the wine racks featured on this site, had wine stored laying down in mind during his inventive process.  Keep watching this blog to hear directly from him in the coming months.

Let us also look then, to the opinion of someone not connected with the Wine Rack Site at all.  Decanter started as a wine and lifestyle magazine in 1975 and is available now online at and is published in 90 countries.  They publish wine industry news, vintage guides and wine and spirits recommendations.  Decanter also runs the annual Decanter World Wine Awards.  Columnists and regular contributors include several Masters of Wine. Do you agree that this establishes the expertise of Decanter? Continue reading “Why Store Horizontally” »