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Langehorne Creek Cabernet Sauvignon

Fabal Wines Vineyard Road Reserve ShirazThis week I deliberately set out to find a wine that would go well with a pre planned lamb shank meal. The natural inclination is of course for one to look towards a smooth Cabernet Savignon to compliment the meal.  One of the great blessings and also a curse of living in a State near one of the Great Wine Capitals of the World (Adelaide) is the issue of too much choice.  Here lies the dilemma, the challenge and the fun…

Ultimately I came to rest upon an an offering from Fabal Wines 2013 Vineyard Road Reserve –  Langehorne Creek Cabernet Savignon.  Fabal Wines have wide range of good of wines that includes the following offerings in their Vineyard Road range:

  • Vineyard Road Reserve Shiraz
  • Vineyard Road Road Premium Sangiovese …..
  • Vineyard Road Premium Sauvignon Blanc
  • Vineyard Road Premium Shiraz Rose
  • Vineyard Road Premium Brut Cuvee
  • Vineyard Road Premium Chardonnay 2015
  • Vineyard Road Premium Moscato
  • Vineyard Road Pinot Grigio 2016
  • Vineyard Road Heathcote Ridge Estate Tempranillo 2015

Melbourne International Wine Show Silver MedalFor this review we have a bottle of the 2013 Vineyard Road Cabernet Sauvignon.  Check this out too, the so16 offering was the winner of a Silver Medal at the Melbourne International Wine Show 2016 This beloved Cab’ Sav’, with a history of success, hails from an area of South Australia perhaps less known to the wider community but a place that none the less holds sway within the wine community.  The wine in question was vinified using a combination of different fermentation styles coupled with a French oak.  As the label will attest, the wine presents higher aromas of dark cherries and chocolate, with a richly flavored palate of blackcurrants and ripe plum, with a smooth tannin finish.

For my own part, this is definitely a wine that demands patient enjoyment whilst compelling one to return for a topped up glass.

Is it possible to say a wine is both smooth and strong at the same time?

I say the answer is a resounding “Yes” when you consider the case for the affirmative with this bottle, the 2013 Silver Medal winner at the Melbourne International Wine Show (great heritage here).  So take your time with the wine and the lamb.

Suffice to say, the mixture is excellent and very drinkable as a four year old wine.  Proper storage and patience will no doubt yield even greater returns to both the humble beginner collector as well as the more serious, astute buyer.

Ultimately the Cab Sav complimented my finely cooked lamb shank meal.  Both wine and meal received high praise from my guest whom I sought to impress… Thank you to the fertile region of Langhorne Creek for yielding such a treasure.

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  1. What a beautiful choice.
    I have enjoyed this wine many times and have a couple left in the cellar.
    This article is a great reminder to order some more now before I run out

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