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Discussions Upgraded


Cowboy Studio Light Box Set for use with Wine Rack Site "Discussions"The Wine Rack Site is quite new to blogging.  We created our “Discussions” page  and forum as a place to discuss wine racks and all things related to wine racks.

Followers of the Wine Rack Site will notice over the  next few months, quite a few changes in the look and feel of the Discussions pages.  Most of the changes will be because our team are learning about blogging and working to do a better job of it.

We will be creating video blogs in the near future.  These will include video reviews on wine racks, wines, wineries and the people we are associated with the Wine Rack Site.  They will also include “How To” videos.  Our first video production related to blogging was to create a video to  show our valued clients, how easy it is to build one of our wine rack kits.  Head one over toHow to Build a Wine Rackto see Brad explain it all in a simple, video instruction.  Continue reading “Discussions Upgraded” »