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Cabernet Sauvignon dining

wine rack site tasty tangoToday we do a Tasty Tango with a Cab Sav……

Just last week the Wine Rack Site taught us the basics of a cornerstone of wine tasting….. the CabSav.  Our discussion centred on what makes Cabernet Sauvignon a wine worthy of exploration and wine you should seek out.

This is a wine that starts good and ages to become great.  Truly; it is a stand out Red wine a Class Act that, if you haven’t yet tasted it , you have probably been living under a rock somewhere.

The next question to ask is…. What food do I pair my beloved Cab Sav with?

Again, like any wine, it can be enjoyed on it’s own or with any food.  Here at the Wine Rack Site, we want to help you maximize the flavour and the overall experience of any wine you taste.  With that in mind, certain foods play nicely with certain wines.  In the case of CabSav, red truly meets red.  The Wine Rack Site always says though, that wine is a very personal experience.  I you don’t like steak, then don’t eat it with any wine regardless of recommendations.

Most amateur wine lovers know and recognize that a red wine “generally” goes best with a red meat. Having said that, there are particular red meat dishes that really enhance the experience. They create an experience as opposed to just a meal. Important to remember with Cabernet Sauvignon is the need to allow the wine to breathe for at least a couple of minutes. Patience for the wine and preparation for the meal create a tango of deliciousness.

The Wine Rack Site’s Top 5 picks for delicious dishes to dance with when doing the Cab Sav tango are:

wine rack site grilled steakGrilled Steak

Cooked medium rare to medium well-done.

Many commentators claim that Australian beef is the bet beef in the world.  Some of our CabSav’s are among the best of this red wine classic style.

.                                          Pet them together and you can’t go wrong.

                                         This combination is always a winner.

Roast duck

Impress friends, family, colleagues and clients with the elegance of a roast duck meal.

Duck with orange is the best known classic but don’t forget overlook the crispness of the dry skin in Peking duck dishes.

Compliment either with a South Australian Cabernet Sauvignon to maintain the style.

wine rack site lamb cutlets

Lamb cutlets

Cabernet Sauvignon Loves lamb.  The Wine Rack Site has a long running preference for lamb cutlets complimented with fresh spring vegetables.

Go easy on the dressing, add carrot, corn, onion and tomato.  Pick a warm climate Australian CabSav with Eucalyptus backdrops to create an Australian classic.

This combination works well together and will create an opulent atmosphere at your next home gathering or party, one that wont be forgotten

Meat balls – play it simple with flavoured meatballs, pasta and an accompanying Cab Sav

Beef – any carnivore will love their roast beef and its flavour will only be heightened with this choice of wine


So there it is Wine Lovers, 5 simple but effective recipes for a great night out or a wonderful evening in. Remember, like any precious wine, storage is truly everything. Look after you wine and it will look after your taste buds….

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Pinot Grigio Dining

Pinot Grigio – the fussiest wine for a meal to dance with….

Pinot Grigio - the fussiest wine for a meal to dance with.... Hello Wine Lovers...... First of all, lets settle the most obvious question that never gets asked but a lot of people wish they were brave enough to stick their hand up and ask is...... "How do you pronounce Pinot Grigio?" Put simply it's meant to be pronounces as "Pee-know" for Pinot and "Gree-shzee-owe" for Grigio. The schee sound is very similar to the way the French pronounce the letter J. Think of "Bonjour" to nail down that tricky sound . Now that is aside and everyone can pretend they knew all along, lets talk about the wine itself. You'll find a corectly produced Pinot Grigio to be a very light, crisp taste with a strong but desirable acidic taste to it. It comes from the Pinot Gris grape and is considered an easier taste on the pallet and will please both the amateur and the discerning wine lover on a Sunday afternoon. The colour is a clear, golden haze that presents as attractive and tasty. Best enjoyed in warm to temperate settings with lighter foods. Most importantly, one should find a tast of pear, melon, lemon, lemongrass or other sweet spice like textures. Although, in theory, any wine can be enjoyed with any food, there are reasons why we match foods with certain wines. Without going into the particulars today, it comes down to maxmizing the flavours of both the meal and the wine itself. The two, ideally, should work in harmony with each other. The Wine Rack Site recommends any good quality Pnot Grigio be paired with white meats, pasta dishes, seafood such as salmon, tuna fish or any kinf of shellfish. You may also find this wine to make a good pairing with lighter curries and asian style meals. In terms of a Sunday afternoon treat, paring this wine with dried apricots, light black pepper crackers and Gruyere or Brie cheese is a real winner. Pinot Grigio should be chilled for 6 hours before serving and allowed to breath for at least 2 minutes prior to consuming. It is also important to safely store your Pinot Grigio in a safe place. If it is a vallue brand, show it off and give it the wine rack it deserves. The only place to go for this.....? The Wine Rack Site! Enjoy Wine Lovers The Editor In this first in our series of “Dining Ideas”, where we will discuss dining options with a range of wines and recommended meals as enjoyed by staff and clients of the Wine Rack Site, we talk about Pinot Grigio.

First of all, lets settle what may be the the question people most commonly want to ask; but don’t.  Continue reading “Pinot Grigio Dining” »