About Us

The Wine Rack Site is an online distributor of world class wooden wine racks, manufactured in Australia.

Australian prosperity is based on long term financial performance across a wide range of industries including manufacturing.  Unfortunately, a large number of Australian manufactures have ceased to exist or moved offshore.  Upmarket Living. the parent company of the Wine Rack Site, supports Australian Manufacturing and has created the wine rack site to support the high quality, Australian made, Australian invented, World Class Bordex wine storage system.

Bordex Pty Ltd is sole manufacturer of this innovative product that after 30 years, is still manufactured in South Australia.  You will see copies every where, this is the original.

These world class wine racks are used in a number of iconic locations throughout Australia including the National Wine Centre based in the University of South Australia.

Our goal is to give you the means of sourcing a wine storage system that is simply the best in the world.  Access the system right here on the wine rack site to experience world class product with world class service, shipped to you directly from the South Australian manufacturer.

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